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Louis Allen Worldwide (LAW) was set up in 1958. The mission of LAW is to help organizations achieve world-class execution and results by significantly improving their management practices and processes.

The company's proprietary Allen Management System was originally based on a three-year study Mr Louis Allen completed where he analyzed the work of managers in over 150 corporations. Over the years it has been updated and refined based on the experience of working with thousands of companies across the globe.

The basic concepts and principles in the Allen Management System have been widely recognized and accepted by more than 10,000 organizations worldwide. In excess of 1000,000 participants have benefited from Allen's work, including over 1,000 CEOs.

LAW is based in Foster City, California (USA) with subsidiaries and alliances all over the world. Additional information on LAW can be obtained from


India: To deliver Management Consulting Interventions which resonates with our client’s reality so that their Human Potential is energized to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage”


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    Work-Life Balance

    Help participants identify the various roles one plays in life, weigh each one for its merits and create a balanced and redefined approach to each one of them promoting a stress-free...

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    Leadership And Management Primer

    This workshop covers some of the core concepts of the world-renowned Allen Management System. It also introduces the philosophy of Systems...

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    The Profession Of Management

    This intervention comprises 1 day of pre-workshop consulting onsite, 5 workshop days and 1 day of optional post program

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    Promise to Performance

    With the unstoppable march of globalization, companies, now more than ever before, truly need to learn to operate seamlessly across...

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    Decision Making & Problem Solving

    There is no more critical managerial activity than making decisions or solving problems. Decision Making and Problem...

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    From Vision To Action

    This intervention comprises a half-day of pre-workshop consulting onsite, 2-3 workshop days and 1 optional day of post-program coaching...

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    The HR Univocal Strategist

    The THRUST program focuses on the Strategic role of HR and shows how to accelerate the transformation of the...