Decision Making & Problem Solving


There is no more critical managerial activity than making decisions or solving problems. Decision Making and Problem Solving cross all Management Activities.

Program Objective

This intervention comprises a half-day of pre-workshop consulting onsite and 2 workshop days. The broad construct of the content is delineated below. This would be refined and firmed up in consultation with the client based on specific needs, priorities and objective


  • Define the critical aspects of Decision Making & Problem Solving
  • Principles of Decision Making

Types of Decisions

  • Learn the difference between spontaneous, reasoned and management decisions

The Technique for Decision Making & Problem Solving

  • Learn a practical step-by-step approach to Decision Making & Problem Solving

Problem Solving Flow

  • Gain an understanding of the Problem Solving Flow in the context of a result-oriented approach (Needs-Work-Results)
  • Decision Making & Problem-Solving Exercises
  • Conclusion

Workshop Deliverables

  • Know when to use spontaneous and reasoned approaches to making decisions and solving problems
  • Solve problems using a time-proven problem-solving process - Apply the rational approach to a real issue
  • Be able to analytically solve complex problems and make complex decisions
  • Sharpen one’s causal analysis, decision-making, problem prevention, and pre-planning skills that lead to increased organizational productivity
  • Get a sound method for setting priorities in an uncertain environment