From Vision To Action

Program Objective

Help give the organization strategic direction at all levels. Specifically help determine where you want to go, how you want to get there, what you will do to achieve it, who will help you get there and when you will arrive.

Program Content Outline

This intervention comprises a half-day of pre-workshop consulting onsite, 2-3 workshop days and 1 optional day of post program coaching. The broad construct of the content is delineated below. This would be refined and firmed up in consultation with the client based on specific needs, priorities and objectives

    • Scanning the Environment
      • Within
      • Without
    • The Accountability Charter
      • Mission & technique for the development of the same
      • Mission Standards & technique for the development of the same
      • Key Strategies & technique for the development of the same
      • Key Work & technique for the identification of the same
      • Key Work Standards & technique for the establishment of the same
  • The Road Ahead
    • Re-Visitation
    • Bridging the gaps
  • Workshop Deliverables
    • Establish a mission for one’s area of responsibilit
    • Establish what success is and how it will be measured
    • Assess uncontrollable environmental factors that ma y affect performance
    • Set the strategies for the achievement of goals