Leadership And Management professional

Program Objective

This workshop covers some of the core concepts of the world-renowned Allen Management System. It also introduces the philosophy of Systems Thinking, with a special focus on its application to Management and Leadership.

Program Content Outline

This intervention is structured over 3 workshop days. The broad construct of the content is delineated below.

Intro to AMS


Management Leadership

Personal Accountability Charter

Process Improvement


Five-Way Management

Developing Relationships




Business Game

The A Factor

Systems Thinking

For the man Who has no Objective, nothing is relevant

Self Development to become a better manager

Purpose-driven Work

Even if you are on the right track, you get run over if you just sit there

What you cannot measure, you cannot improve

my Sphere of influence

Managing my Ecosystem

The key to Empowerment

Leadership in action


Poor Communication is enemy #1 for most organizational issues

Your Attitude decides your attitude

Workshop Deliverables

  • Get an introduction to Systems Thinking in Management
  • Get exposed to some of the core concepts of the Allen Management System
  • Learn a practitioners approach to Management Leadership
  • Get an overview of various functions and activities of the Allen Management System