Louis Allen International

Louis Allen International (LAI) is the affiliate of Louis Allen Worldwide in the South / West Asian region. The LAI mission has been articulated thus: "Our interventions resonate with our client's reality and energize their human potential to achieve."

Headquartered in Bangalore and covering India, Oman and Sri Lanka, LAI has conducted several interventions for top corporations as well as medium-sized enterprises, apart from becoming the partner of choice for a variety of companies across industries.

The Louis Allen International Advantage


  • Professional from industry
  • The appropriate level of relevant experience
  • Wide domain knowledge
  • Hands-on approach
  • Global resource pool

World-Class Content

  • Global learning made locally relevant
  • Ongoing updating of content
  • Ongoing research int effective management
  • Practised ‘Action Learning’ contract

Holistic Approach

  • Specific need-based interventions
  • Integrated ODE Frame Work
  • Assessment
  • Developments
  • Consulting

Preferred partnership Route

  • Alignment with organization imperatives
  • Ongoing association
  • Development linked to business results
  • Consulting encompassing implementation

The fundamentals of management are real. You use them, perhaps intuitively, when you work with other people in any kind of enterprise - from chairing a local charity organization to leading a work team to build a complex industrial organization.

Just as you learn the basics of golf or engineering and then refine them over time, so also you master the fundamentals of management so that you can apply them in any situation. These are not merely skills you use on the job - they are skills for living you can use at home, at work, and at play.

Integrating the fundamentals of management into a unified system enables effective application and ensures sustainability. The need for a unifying structure has never been greater with the increasing complexity of the environment today.

The Allen Management System is a back-to-basics systems approach to managing organizations that has been tried and tested for more than 45 years and refined continually over the period.

The Allen Management System emerged out of a three-year study Mr Allen completed on behalf of the National Industrial Conference Board where he analyzed the work of managers in over 150 corporations. As a result, the system has evolved from a practising manager's standpoint covering the fundamental work that managers actually do in organizations. This makes it eminently practical and it can be easily customized to dovetail effortlessly into organizations across industries/sectors.


Louis Allen Worldwide has developed and delivered assessment surveys for more than 400 clients around the world. We have 15 standard surveys and 2,000 items from which you can construct your own survey. Our norm bases provide robust comparisons. Our survey support is global, so we can provide surveys in any language that appropriately reflects cultural differences. Beyond surveys, we offer a complete range of assessment services with the right level of consulting support that will meet your requirements.