Promise to Performance


With the unstoppable march of globalization, companies, now more than ever before, truly need to learn to operate seamlessly across geographies and territories.

The bulk of the barriers to fully achieve this objective for the Indian operations of multinational corporations seem to stem from the different cultural context between India and other countries. This is especially manifested in the style and manner of communication that transpires, whether verbal or written, which leads to a sometimes marked disconnect in expectations between stakeholders.

In this context, what appears to be warranted is a training and development consulting intervention that addresses cross-cultural sensitivity issues for teams in India and stakeholders across the globe.

Program Objectives

  • Sensitize teams in India to the different cultural contexts between India and other countries/cultures
  •  Inculcate a commitment to "Deliver What You Promise"
  • Equip teams in India with the tools & techniques to enable follow through on commitment

Program Content Outline

This intervention comprises a half-day of pre-workshop consulting onsite, 2 workshop days and 1 optional day of post-program coaching. The broad construct for the content is delineated below. This would be refined and firmed up in consultation with the client based on specific needs, priorities and objectives


  • Creating Awareness
  • Establishing acceptance
  • Understanding expectations across the board


  • Problem-solving and decision making
  • Action Planning
  • Managing the Ecosystem
  • Superiors, subordinates, peers, internal customers


    • Estimating resources
    • Defining tasks and assigning timelines
    • Garnering resources to ensure delivery
    • The motivation of self and stakeholders
    • Effective communication
    • Reviewing progress
      • Developing standards
      • Measuring performance
      • Evaluating performance
      • Correcting performance

Workshop Deliverables

  •  Sensitize the team to the cultural ethos of India / other countries
  • Clarify the specific issues that arise out of the different cultural context
  • Define the various aspects to the problem at hand
  • Get on to the same page regarding what is expected to be delivered
  • Understand the various stakeholders involved in the process
  • Learn how to deal with the various stakeholders in an optimal fashion
  • Learn effective communication techniques to ensure smooth functioning
  • Work out the best-fit solution to tackle the defined situation
  • Develop the implementation plan to ensure results