The HR Univocal Strategist

Program Objective

The Trust program focuses on the Strategic role of HR and shows how to accelerate the transformation of the function, into an internal consulting practice offering people-related services and solutions across the organization.

Program Content Outline

This intervention comprises a half-day of pre-workshop consulting onsite, 2 workshop days and 1 optional day of post-program coaching. The broad construct of the content is delineated below. This would be refined and firmed up in consultation with the client based on specific needs, priorities and objectives

Session 1: Through the Looking Glass

Gives a backdrop on the changing scenario and the challenges that the HR function now faces

Session 2: The Business of HR

Defines the role of HR as an internal consulting practice with the HR head as the CEO. Focuses on the three parts that make up the CEO and the strategic thought process involved

Session 3: The Allen Management System

The world-renowned systems approach to managing organizations

Session 4: The HR Business Architecture

Helps complete the internalization process through the drawing up of strategic business plans to drive the HR internal consulting practice

Workshop Deliverables

  • Position HR as a strategic business partner to drive the organization forward
  •  Enable HR to fulfil its strategic role in the development of the organization
  •  Convert the HR function to an internal consulting practice for the organization
  •  Learn the principles of the Allen Management System
  •  Seamlessly integrate change efforts into a system for sustainability
  • Help create a nimble-footed organization responsive to a fast changing environment